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Gravel Process Plant at Denton Wharf

QPI were commissioned to supply and install all ancillary parts for their new Marine Sand and Gravel Process Plant at Denton Wharf, Gravesend. This included the supply and installation of all conveyor belting, idlers, idler frames and conveyor pulleys.

The new plant carries a bulk density of 1.6 tonnes per cubic metre at an angle of repose of 37.5° with a maximum feed size of 230mm. The system is designed to run at a capacity of 400 TPH maximum feed to plant with coarsest feed, reducing as necessary for finer feeds, to limit feed to sand plant to less than 210 TPH. Design service factors were based on 10 hours per day plant operation.


QPI recruits to meet future demand

As a leading UK supplier of conveyor belting vulcanising and conveyor components, QPI compliments its products by having the largest number of in-house vulcanising teams in the UK. To ensure future demand is met in providing a quality service as well as product, QPI continue to recruit a number of trainee Vulcanising Engineers on an annual basis.

QPI's Vulcanising Engineers are amongst the most experienced in the industry. In order to be recognised as a Vulcanising Engineer, a QPI trainee must competently complete an extensive, structured and documented training scheme. QPI's training scheme is considered to be amongst the most intense comprehensive within the industry, trained by the most experienced and well respected Vulcanising Engineers in the UK.

The finished engineers are trained to work safely and efficiently in all industries.


QPI RSPB Wallasea Island project

QPI is proud to be involved in Europe's biggest earthworks to help create one of Europe's largest new wetland nature habitats

An 800 metre conveyor system at Wallasea Island, complete with belting was designed to transport the material within the site. As a Turnkey project this conveyor system was then supplied and constructed by QPI. The conveyor stretches from the newly constructed jetty to a holding point for the excavated material, from which the material will be distributed around the site by truck. The jetty is able to accommodate two 90 metre, 2,500 tonne ships simultaneously. At peak times, two unloading machines per pontoon is capable of servicing four ships and unload up to 10,000 tonnes of material over a 24 hour period.


Qpi visit our manufacturing site

Visits are carried out several times per year to ensure the strictest standards in quality are continually met. We are very pleased to announce that all expectations were exceeded for our most recent visit which was specifically linked to the Glensanda project that QPI has been commissioned for. 

On this visit we also took the opportunity to view and inspect the extensions to both the first and second factories which we believe will make our factory the largest roller & drum producer in the world.

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