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Sad Farewell

Sad Farewell

Well, its that time.. to say Goodbye to our one and only Ray. 

Ray has been working for QPI since it started and has worked his hardest everyday since.  

We will all miss him greatly and we can not thank him enough for all his years, hard work and dedication at QPI.

We wish Ray all the best on his retirement. 

The legend has retired! 

A message from Ray:

"Sunshines and angels of Q.P.I, a massive thank you for the very generous gift for my retirement, I have already spent it on a new top of the range set of ping golf clubs! So now every time I play well I can pat myself on the back for the choice clubs and when I play badly I can blame all of you. Also thank you for the framed shirt and kind messages it is now hanging on the wall of our little bar. It was great to see you at the party and sad that some of you couldn't make it. I will miss you all but look forward to seeing you soon. Raymond & Sonya"