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Conveyor Belt

Conveyors are the arteries for most works and like all critical plant the associated "down time costs" can be enormous. Enduroply™ is our own brand of conveyor belt. Enduroply™ is manufactured to quality standards exceeding DIN 22102 & BS 490. Our engineers constantly visit our manufacturing facility to ensure these high quality standards are maintained. Enduroply™ is manufactured using low stretch EP fabric, in widths up to 2800mm. Different conveyor applications require distinct qualities from a belt, so Enduroply™ can be manufactured to meet the most arduous conveying conditions.

The Enduroply™ standard range of belts consist of the following:

  • Wear resistant covers - A UK industry standard was an N17, this has now been superseded by Din Y grade standard belt
  • Cut & Gouge Proof - Special rubber compounds that are designed to withstand sharp objects
  • Heat Resistant - This belt has been engineered to convey products up to 200 degrees. Uses include cement, clinker & foundries
  • Rip-Stop - click on tab to the left for more information
  • Nitrile - For use in conditions that involve oil or grease for example recycling sites, concrete release moulds and machine components
  • Chevron - click on tab to the left for more information
  • Steel Cord - click on tab to the left for more information
  • Fire Resistant - Developed for conveying of flammable materials e.g. coal coke to minimize any risk of combustion or fire caused by or involving the belt. For use under ground in all mines & pits
  • Special Belts - click on tab to the left for more information

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