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Conveyor Idlers & Rollers

QPI design and supply idlers and rollers to any specification. Massive stocks of conveyor rollers of various diameters and lengths are available off the shelf including:

  • Standard Idlers
  • Spiral & Rubber Disc Returns
  • Rubber Impact Idlers
  • Suspended sets for field conveyors
  • Uni Roll - QPI's exclusive patented roller solution (Please click tab on the left for further information)

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QPI has entered into a joint venture with C & Y Industries for the manufacture of conveyor idlers, pulleys and component parts. For full information on our rollers frames & drums visit our joint venture roller web site www.shchangyun.com

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Our manufacturing partners at C & Y Industries are producing some of the finest engineered products which have stood scrutiny by engineers from all over the world. We are very proud that our joint venture has become recognised as a world class manufacturer. Our factory can produce conveyor rollers to any dimensions, to comply with any recognised international specifications.


All tube is specially selected for uniform concentricity. All steel rollers are counter-bored weld, thus protecting the belt from end plate separation, in 3.6mm to 12mm thick.

Bearings & seals

Our seals have a unique 5 seal system, well above any industry standard. Through Shafts & bearings are manufactured with the following options 20mm, 25mm, 30mm, 35mm, 40mm or 50mm. Ends of rollers can be manufactured to suit any existing frames.

Please click here for our replacement roller form. We will respond quickly & competitively.