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return roller

Belt reeler

Q.P.I. Have taken delivery of our new conveyor belt reeling machine. We have named him "OPTIMUS", the most practical belt reeler available globally on the market in 2017.

  • The machine has been thoughtfully designed to allow transportation on a standard lorry
  • The versatile winder can accommodate rolls up to 20 tonnes x 2000mm wide on the heavy setting & 3000mm wide on the wide setting, a truly unique machine.
  • British engineered designed & manufactured "OPTIMUS" is capable or reeling 350m 22mm thick 2000mm wide in the "heavy" setting
  • There is also an "everyday" setting for standard conveyor belting  
  • Delivered with inverter drive it has variable speed control & backwards & forward running
  • Brexit exchange rates make this belt winder globally competitive in 2017 

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