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Our service teams are in house trained in every aspect of hot & cold vulcanising. All vulcanising staff have progressed through from trainee belt fitters to vulcanising assistants to experienced vulcanisers.

Our vulcanising crews are able to perform splices on any of the following belts:

  • vuclanisingPlied belt
  • Chevron
  • Rip check
  • Heat resistant
  • Cross stabilised
  • Tube belt
  • Friction back
  • Grip face
  • Steel cord
  • Plasterboard
  • Solid woven
  • PVC belt

We have the capability to hot vulcanise belts of up to 3,000 mm wide and we provide planned in nationwide coverage and offer a 24 hour call out service. 


We can perform hot vulcanised patch & edge repairs and we have experience in working in several locations internationally including Africa.



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