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Uni Rollers

After 25 years experience in the design & supply of idlers & rollers we have launched our revolutionary new unique system that you won't be able to find anywhere else!

Our system has enabled us to supply a vast range of rollers direct from stock. The system briefly comprises of a base roller with the ability to fit a massive variety of terminal ends to suit almost any application.

The combination of an innovative design & a substantial stock holding has enabled us to provide the majority of our customers requirements directly from stock. Allowing us to supply both day to day roller requirements & any required on breakdown.

Case Study

We recently supplied a quarry with rollers at 315 mm face for a 900mm wide loading out conveyor, the manager commented that "the other conveyors on the stock system are also 900mm wide but are 320mm face, and the tunnel belt rollers are also 320 mm but have different ends." Using our rollers, the same base roller was used but with different ends reducing his stock holding considerably.

successful test running now for over 5 yeas at 1,500 per hour, that just about covers any UK application!