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Glensanda Project

QPI were delighted our products were selected & are performing well. This project involves integrating a new conveyor extension into their current conveyor system which will feed from the 'Glory Hole' onto the existing conveyor line. The new extension conveyor will carry 4,000 tonnes of granite per hour. This project has been designed to possibly carry the largest tonnage constantly conveyed in the UK and is expected to start Autumn 2013. QPI supplied all complete conveyor idler troughing sets, return rollers and drums, as well as supplying all belting and vulcanising services.


Conveyor belt testing facilities at Headquaters

Q.P.I. is soon to have conveyor belt testing equipment to be manufactured and installed at our headquarters in Leicestershire. This will enable both Q.P.I. and our valued customers to test the quality of the belting supplied which we believe will make us an industry first for the UK.
Our equipment will test adhesion levels of rubber to fabrics and steel cords as well as breaking strengths of ply and steel cords. A separate rubber abrasion tester, which will test for wear resistance and elongation at break is also being installed.

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